Oxygen Masks Were Used Incorrectly In Photo From Southwest Flight–Learn The Correct Way

 Images and videos are appearing online from inside the cabin of the Southwest Airlines flight that had to make an emergency landing after an engine explosion. The Southwest flight 1380 was twenty minutes into its journey leaving New York’s LaGuardia Airport headed to Dallas when the explosion caused a window to burst, partially sucking one passenger out of the plane. Fellow passengers were able to pull the woman back in, but sadly, she died of her injuries.

Meanwhile the opening in the window caused air pressure to drop dramatically and oxygen masks were released. With the photos coming out of the twenty minute ordeal, people have noticed that many of the passengers were using the oxygen masks incorrectly. 

Of course anyone who has flown knows that instructions are given at the start of every flight on the proper use of the masks in case of an emergency. Sometimes people simply don’t pay attention, or it could be that what makes perfect sense in a calm environment, goes out of our heads when real life or death panic sets in. The AP has listed the proper technique for using an oxygen mask in such an emergency:

— They will drop from a panel above you. You should pull them toward your face to extend the cord as needed.

— Place the mask over both your nose and mouth.

— With your free hand, pull the elastic string over your head and tighten as needed.

— Adults should always secure their masks first before assisting children. You’ll be of no use if you pass out from oxygen deprivation.

Questions were raised, that if the design were better it may prompt people to use the mask correctly.

With this being social media, many felt comfortable sitting safely behind their computers, admonishing those who were no doubt fearing for their lives. 

Thankfully there are some decent humans who still have the ability to show compassion for what must have been a terrifying ordeal.