911 Operator Who Hung Up On Callers Receives Her Punishment–Is It Enough?

Crenshanda Williams is a 44-year-old woman living and working in the Houston area of Texas. Recently, she was sentenced for a crime many people think should have earned her a much harsher punishment.

Williams was found guilty of hanging up on people who called her at work. Let’s admit we’ve almost all done it, okay? Working in a job that requires answering phones all day can be exhausting. Call centers, tech support, billing… there are tons of jobs where hanging up on a customer is rude, and will probably get you fired, but nobody dies. 

Unfortunately for the thousands — yes thousands — of people Williams hung up on, she was a 911 operator. They called when they needed help, and Williams decided to just hang up on them because, according to her, sometimes she just didn’t feel like talking to people.

The investigation uncovered several noteworthy incidents, like a robbery in progress that resulted in a fatality and vehicles racing down a highway that had recently been the site of a deadly crash.

Crenshanda responded to the call about the speeding vehicles by sighing, disconnecting the call, and saying: 

Ain’t nobody got time for this, for real.

After deliberation, jurors found her guilty of “interference with emergency telephone calls.” The charge, a misdemeanor, will see Williams jailed for a mere ten days and given a year and a half of probation. 

We can’t ever really know if things would have been different for people had she not hung up; they may have turned out exactly the same. Still, many don’t feel the punishment is harsh enough considering she was a 911 operator and she hung up on people in need so many times.

To say people are angry is putting it delicately. 

People have questions about her supervisors as well.

We have no information yet about whether her supervisors have faced or will face penalties. We will keep you updated.

H/T: Twitter, NBC