Doggies Twitching In Dream Land Have Pet Owners Sharing Their Own

With all of the sad stories trending each morning, seeing a few sleeping pups dozing off to dreamland can refreshing. Besides being a much-needed breach of negative news, these dreaming doggies are downright adorable. 

We’ve all been there. We wake up in a sweat from a strange, and oddly detailed dream. One of those dreams that felt so real, most of us have to retrace our steps of the night before and make sure it wasn’t. Puppies experience the same thing, believe it or not, and it is 110% more adorable than when it happens to humans.

Sleeping puppies might be the most precious puppies of all.

People shared sweet moments of their puppies dreaming, and now everyone is sobbing:

Some of them make cute little sleeping sounds and snores:

Snoring has never been so adorable. 

What could these little angels be dreaming of? 

Pizza, maybe. 

Who doesn’t dream about pizza? 

That, or chasing some feline friends around the house?

Most definitely. Look at those little paws moving! Go get ’em, pup!

Or a doggie milkshake! Plus an entire pizza, for obvious reasons. 

This good boy deserves all of the milkshakes. 

In conclusion, dogs are the greatest:

We don’t deserve dogs. Plain and simple. Each of them is an absolute blessing. 

Sweet dreams, doggies. 

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