Italian Hot Chocolate Has Twitter Salivating—And We’re Grabbing Some Spoons

It seems the people of the internet, or at least the Americans, have just discovered Italian hot chocolate—and there is so much drooling and FOMO going on over on Twitter that the platform spotlighted the tasty dish on its trending Moments. 

Known in Italy as simply cioccolata calda (translated: hot chocolate) and served in cafes all over Italy (similar styles can also be found all over the world) this thicker, richer version of the beloved favorite is so deeply flavored and decadently viscous that the result is something decidedly more akin to a warm, loose chocolate pudding.

Some tell a tale of a drinking chocolate so intensely sumptuous, it would spoil you for all else:

Look at this dark mesmerizing richness:

But you’re gonna need a spoon:

Want some? Maybe you should plan a trip to Italy soon:

For people dying to get their hands on ciccolata calda but with no plans for an Italian vacation anytime soon:

Other, similar types of thickened hot chocolate drinks can be found worldwide in places like:

The closest thing Americans have to these luxurious drinking chocolates is New York’s Serendipity 3s famous Frrozen Hot Chocolate.

H/T: Twitter