More School Walkouts Planned For This Upcoming Week

On Friday, April 20, tens of thousands of students from more than 2,600 schools walked out of class to protest gun violence and demand common-sense gun laws. The protest was held on the 19th anniversary of the shooting at Columbine High School. In addition to marching, the students observed moments of silence in honor of the 13 students killed at Columbine and the 17 victims of the Florida shooting in February. 

Here’s the story according to NBC:

A hot-button issue to put it mildly, the walkouts triggered heated debates all over Twitter:

And there was this exchange:

The typical trolls and naysayers came out of the woodwork to add their two cents, like this perspective which is just so… extra:

Students weren’t the only ones protesting:

Unfortunately, at the same time students were protesting there was another shooting in Ocala, Florida, where police reported that one student shot another in the foot. The injured student was taken to the hospital and the shooter was apprehended and is being held in custody. 

This just underlines the importance and necessity of these walkouts. As Dev says:

H/T: NBC, Twitter