Student Asks ‘The Rock’ To Prom–And He Just Surprised Her

Once again, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has proven that he is indeed the nicest guy on the planet.

Senior Katie Kelzenberg of Stillwater High School in Minnesota got the surprise of a lifetime Friday morning when she heard her favorite star’s voice speaking to her over the intercom during the school’s morning announcements. 

The gesture was the 45-year-old Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle actor’s response to a video posted earlier in the week of Kelzenberg asking him to prom.

Though Johnson is not able to attend the prom (he’ll be in Hawaii filming a new movie), he gave the megafan something almost as good—he rented out a local theater in the girl’s hometown for a special screening of his most recent movie, Rampage. With 232 seats, Kelzenberg can take as many friends and family members as she wants. And they can have all the popcorn, candy, and soda they can hold—all on The Rock.

Here’s the video of a blushing Katie hearing the intercom announcement: 

And here’s the original clip of her asking Johnson to prom:

During the announcement, Johnson also posted this video to Katie:

Kelzenberg’s excitement was contagious and Twitter was so happy for her:

They were also really supportive of her:

And of course the thoughtful gesture didn’t diminish Johnson’s reputation as an all-around great guy: 

Peeps really appreciated how Johnson took time out of his schedule and used his platform to spread love:

Rampage is in theaters now with an 82% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

H/T: ABC, Twitter