The Foo Fighters Invite Fan To Perform With Them Onstage And Are Floored By His Talent

Sometimes bands allow a fan to come onstage and sing a song with them for the sake of a good time.

Dave Grohl did that at a recent Foo Fighters concert in Austin, Texas, and the fan surprised everyone — including Grohl. He invited a young man to perform one of their most well-known songs, “Monkey Wrench.” Then the unexpected happened and the fan now known as “Kiss Guy” absolutely shredded on the guitar. 

Kiss Guy was so good, Dave Grohl forgot the words to his own song. 

Grohl is the lead guitarist and main songwriter for The Foo Fighters. Before forming this band, he was the drummer for the well-known grunge band, Nirvana.

Twitter praised Grohl for giving an eager fan such a cool experience:

Following his once-in-a-lifetime performance, Kiss Guy was identified as Yayo Sanchez. But because of his classic Gene Simmons face paint, he will forever be known on the internet as Kiss Guy at the Foo Fighters Concert. Not a bad nickname!

People loved it:

Someone has to be pretty impressive to make a lead vocalist and songwriter forget the words to one of their most famous songs. On top of shredding on the guitar, Kiss Guy delivered top-notch stage presence alongside Grohl, proving he could compete with the best of ’em. Grohl might’ve loved it even more than the audience did.

One attendee confirmed that the guest vocalist was amazing:

New guitarist for the Foo Fighters? Everyone else might want to watch out.

The dude has some serious talent, and no one expected it. Check out this clip someone took at the concert:

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