Troy Bolton From ‘High School Musical’ May Have Alternate Timelines Based On Zac Efron Movies, Fan Theorizes

Time traveling, discovering the secret to immortality, running off to join the circus, and putting an end to segregation? A lot can happen after high school, and according to this timeline, Troy Bolton might’ve done it all. 

Zac Efron has become a household name, boasting a never-ending list of movie roles, not to mention his washboard abs and winning smile – but everyone knows that he got his start 12 years ago, as the all-star basketball champion, Troy Bolton, in High School Musical. 

The trilogy ended in 2008, with all of the now-famous faces like Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, and Chad graduating and going off to college in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. But being a part of such a massive franchise means that a ton of HSM fans can’t help but see him as Bolton, even after starring in other films like Hairspray, Neighbors, and 17 Again.

One fan dedicated all time, effort, blood, sweat, and tears into compiling an alternate timeline and extended universe for Troy Bolton after High School Musical:

@Miexriir designed a timeline that follows the athlete and once-closeted artist after he graduated from East High. Bolton announced the he was going to college near his girlfriend, Gabriella, in the final movie of the trio – but this timeline proves otherwise. 

It begins with the original three movies, nothing changed, Bolton graduates alongside his classmates from East High. 

Then, the timeline goes into three different directions, depending on what Bolton decided to do once he turned his tassel. One option is going to college, and becoming a bit of a pothead who ultimately fights for equal rights amongst men and women, in Neighbors and Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. That, or he gets into more dangerous drugs, and ends up following his musical roots in We Are Your Friends.

Then, there is the second option of not going to college and getting a job as a lifeguard in Baywatch to support his pregnant girlfriend – who might or might not be Gabriella? He then casually begins time traveling and discovers immortality in 17 Again

And the third path? Well, this one might be the most unexpected of them all. Once he learns the secret to manipulating time, Bolton follows his heart to theatre and performance, forming a circus in The Greatest Showman. Then, he goes back to the ’60s and dances and sings on national television and becomes a voice in the rising civil rights movement. 

Yes. Troy Bolton ended both sexism, and racism. Incredible!

People are shook:

Obviously. It isn’t everyday that your run-of-the-mill basketball player dismantles the oppressive establishment…

Not to mention crushing the patriarchy and playing an active part in ending segregation:


There are a few films missing from the HSM Extended Universe. For example, someone asked about Dirty Grandpa:

Ouch. No offense, Troy, but it’s true. 

We can also assume (and hope) that this extended universe doesn’t include his upcoming film, Meet Ted:

Bolton would never become a serial killer – he isn’t nearly that dark. You can Bet On It…

(See what we did there?) 

People are thanking @Miexriir for her amazing, time-altering, and mind-blowing contributions to our modern society:

She has done almost as much for society as Troy Bolton has. Beyond being an all-star athlete and theatre geek, he is a social and political activist, a famous disc jokey, a circus freak, and a time traveling extraordinaire. Who would have thought?

How does all of this end, one might ask? Well, all three paths have the same ending: society ultimately collapses. Bolton finds himself in Thneedville with Danny DeVito, and single-handedly saves the environment. Iconic. 

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