Trump Used Tweet About Barbara Bush’s Funeral To Plug His Mar-A-Lago Golf Resort

Since the beginning of his Presidential campaign Donald Trump has walked a murky line between public service and personal enrichment. 

From his campaign offices to his weekend getaways Trump has made a habit of steering donor funds and tax-payer dollars towards properties and services provided by his private companies. Lately, the most visible example has been Trump’s Palm beach golf resort, Mar-a-Lago

It’s a glaring impropriety that has angered many voters, especially in light of a recent Trump tweet.

As other world leaders headed to Houston,Texas for the funeral of former First Lady Barbara Bush, President Trump announced on Twitter that he would be watching the service from the “Southern White House”, his Mar-a-Lago estate.  

The tweet has since drawn massive attention for at best being a tasteless plug and at worst, a subtle message with potentially racist undertones. 

At first, many just questioned Trump’s language, choosing to call the day of Barbara Bush’s funeral a “beautiful day.”

But many on Twitter were outraged that Trump would use Bush’s funeral as an opportunity to promote his exclusive, $200,000 a year private club. 

Others though were worried the title “Southern White House” was a subtle nod to racist supporters, referencing the home where Confederate president Jefferson Davis lived during the Civil War.  

After the funeral many speculated that Trump’s absence may have been due to a lack on invitation, but knowing Trump he probably has a tweet ready to respond that that too. 

H/T – HuffPost