After Birth Of Baby Brother, Princess Charlotte Makes History In Britain

The birth of a new son to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is making history for Princess Charlotte, the couple’s second child: Charlotte will become the first British Princess in history not required to step aside her position in the line of succession for her baby brother. 

Go Charlotte!

In 2013, the Succession of the Crown Act passed, which nullified the Act of Settlement of 1701 that claimed royal male heirs would always take a position before any sisters, regardless of age. That is no longer the case, so Princess Charlotte will remain fourth in line for the throne behind her grandfather, Prince Charles, her father William, and older brother George. 

As for the new baby’s position…

Some folks on Twitter were down for the new rules:

Although others wondered what took so long:

But no matter where one comes down, congratulations to Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge on the healthy delivery of their new child.

And congratulations to the history making Charlotte! 

H/T: CTV News