When Boxer Briefs And Bad Translations Combine, The Result Is Far Too Entertaining ????

There’s no denying that we live in a golden age of technology, but when writer and cartoonist Kate Leth was browsing Amazon she noticed a suggested item that is making her, and a lot of other people wonder if science has gone too far. 

The ad for a pair of male boxer briefs from a Chinese company suffered from a bad case of “lost in translation”, but the inexplicable features, odd diagrams and impossible anatomy weren’t likely to make sense in any language. 

Bad translations aside, Twitter first tried to figure out exactly what was going on this guy’s boxers. 

Next, people tried to decipher the impossible anatomical mysteries. 

Eventually though Twitter came around and the amazing list of “features” made believers of them all. 

Although many seemed sold on the product, Twitter agreed, the pictures were just about all they could handle. 

H/T – Twitter