Houston Rockets Star Falls Into Crowd And Gets Promptly Turned Into A Renaissance Painting

Not even Leonardo da Vinci could have creted the moment so perfectly. Luckily, photographer Carlos Gonzalez was there to capture and preserve the Renaissance moment for all time. It happened during when Houston Rockets star James Harden crashed into the front row of seats during a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

 What happened after was pure art. That’s how Twitter saw it.  

There were also these renditions. 

This looks like something out of the mid-century Mad Men era.

Or perhaps the Harlem Jazz period. 

There were so many elements to study, like why is that one guy pointing?

The woman in yellow was also an area of interest. 

It could take a lifetime to uncover all the gems. 

Could these options be in our future? 

H/T/ Twitter Moment