Overprotective Mom Writes Detailed Bios For Each Of Her Cats To Help Out Pet-Sitter

Twitter user Allison (@ablington) posted the bios her mother wrote about her cats. It seems Mom was going on vacation and she felt the cat sitter needed a bit more information beyond, water in this bowl, food in that one. After Allison posted the bios, complete with photo, the internet knew more about Pootydoots, Jack, Cooper and Lucy (AKA Lucefur) then they even realized they needed to know.  

SPOILER ALERT: Jack is a pervert…

Far too many people could totally relate. 

Which led to this hysterical long lost reunion. 

Allison’s mom definitely got people to up their game. 

Pootydoots is a polarizing presence. 

H/T: Twitter Moments