New York Times Reporter Who Trump Slammed As ‘Third Rate’ Just Won A Pulitzer Prize

It’s no secret Donald Trump has a deep dislike of the press in this country—most especially the New York Times and CNN, who the President routinely calls out as “fake news.” On Friday, Trump became even more enraged with the Times and with one of its reporters in particular—Ms. Maggie Haberman.

Haberman and the Times published a story on Friday title, “Michael Cohen said he would take a bullet for Trump. Maybe not anymore,”and it’s a story he’d no doubt like to bury. Perhaps that’s why he fired off a series of tweets with Haberman in his crosshairs, calling her “third rate.”

There’s just one problem: Haberman and her colleagues just won a Pulitzer Prize.

The Times stood behind Haberman, her colleagues, and their excellent reporting:

But someone should clue Trump in that in the internet age, it’s not hard to dig up receipts…

To top it all off, he spelled Haberman’s name wrong in the initial posts and then had to delete the entire three-tweet thread before reposting with the corrected spelling. But we’re not done yet! It turns out proof isn’t hard to find to dispute Trump’s claims that he doesn’t “…speak to and have nothing to do with” Haberman. According to the photographic evidence, Trump has indeed met Haberman on several occasions since entering the White House.

And folks on Twitter made some strong points:

While everyone else flaunts Haberman’s Pulitzer and disproves Trump’s fabrications, Toni just has one question…

H/T: Indy100, Twitter