Teens Stop Game Of Basketball To Kneel For Passing Funeral Procession In Powerful Viral Photo

Sometimes it is the kindness of strangers that touches us most deeply. That’s what happened when a group of young men stopped their basketball game to honor a funeral procession.  Sisters Johannah Stroud and Lynn Bickham Bienvenu were driving in a procession for their cousin Velma Kay Crowe’s funeral when they noticed the group of teens each take a knee, squat or sit down as they drove by. 

The kind gesture touched the women and Bickham Bienvenu snapped a photo posting it on social media.

Many of the teens in the photo have reached out to the family offering their condolences. The young men were also quick to point out it was their coach who had taught them the meaning of showing respect for those who have passed.

People definitely felt the compasion the teens displayed.  

H/T: Fox 2 Now