Racist Texas Board Of Education Candidate Questions Harvard-Bound Student’s Acceptance

Twitter is in an uproar following an inflammatory and racist comment made by a former member of the Texas State Board of Education, George Clayton of Richardson, Texas. 

On April 18th, Drake Johnson, a high school senior from California announced on Twitter that he had been accepted to Harvard College. Johnson, who will be joining the class 2022 sees a bright future ahead of him, including a plan to run for President in 2044. 

But amidst the crowd of well wishers congratulating Johnson on his achievement former educator George Clayton tweeted, “Congrats. Were you admitted on merit or on quota?”

Although Johnson responded civilly, Twitter wasn’t nearly as forgiving of Clayton’s overtly racist comment. 

Twitter was understandably outraged by the comment and questioned Clayton’s own merits. 

After the severe backlash Clayton attempted to backpedal by apologizing for his comment.  

But Twitter saw right through it and pointed out Clayton’s history of similar comments. 

It wasn’t a total loss for Clayton however, he did finally earn one merit. 

H/T – Twitter