Waffle House Shooter Previously Had AR-15 Confiscated By Police, But It Found Its Way Back To Him

As news reports continue to come in regarding the shooting at a Tennessee Waffle House, where four people were murdered, it is becoming clear there was plenty of warnings. In fact, as of now there are reports that three different times the shooter, Travis Reinking, had firearms taken away from him by law authorities, only to have those same guns given to his father, who turned around and gave them back to his violent son. 

In August 2017, the Secret Service arrested Reinking in a restricted area of the White House and although he was unarmed at the time, the FBI sent a request to the Illinois State Police that Reinking’s firearm I.D. be revoked. 

The police followed through with this request, but instead of taking Reiking’s guns, they turned them over to his father, Jeffrey Reinking. The father gave the guns back to his son.

There were two other previous incidents with Reinking, one in June 2017 and one in May of 2016, where law enforcement warned the father that the guns needed to be kept away and locked up, and that he should seek mental help for his son. Both times law enforcement was ignored and the guns were given back. 

Special Agent Marcus Watson of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, told reporters that Jeffrey Reinking could face charges for returning the guns to his son, but the Tazewell County state’s attorney office said in an email that they did not have enough evidence to make a determination. 

The public is furious. 

Much of that anger is directed at the NRA:

And many have noticed Trump’s deafening silence on Twitter about the shooting. 

Wonder why?

H/T: Chicago Tribune