YouTube Duo Proves That LSD And Putting Together IKEA Furniture Don’t Mix Well

In case you were ever wondering what it would be like to take LSD and then put together IKEA furniture, wonder no more. The good people at HIKEA on YouTube have taken the mystery away by filming a couple taking LSD and putting together IKEA furniture. 

With the all mighty powers of the internet , you can have all your questions answered without having to drop acid. More importantly, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and watch others put together IKEA furniture while high. 

Without further ado, we present people on LSD assembling IKEA furniture in the video below. 

Now the good people at HIKEA aren’t just getting high and making money off YouTube, according to their site, they are darn near providing a public service. 

The home of the documentary webseries HIKEA. 

 Building Ikea furniture is hard. Building it under the influence is much, much harder. But it’s something many of us have experienced. It’s a struggle that’s nearly universal. This series adds a degree of difficulty to a familiar challenge as we document the experiences of regular people – high on drugs like LSD or magic mushrooms – attempting to build well-priced furniture. Each episode introduces a new drug, new characters, a new Ikea puzzle. 

And we get to witness the highs and lows of these brave souls as they embark on the nearly impossible. 

Brave souls? Um, okay. 

No everyone was feeling the vibes. 

H/T: Indy100