Conservative Pundit Really Didn’t Like Melania’s ‘Froo-Froo Garbage’ State Dinner Menu

First Lady, Melania Trump put a lot of hard work into planning the state dinner with French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. We know this because the White House released a very glossy Home and Garden style video showing Melania, impeccably dressed, with nary a hair out of place, doing just that. 

Who knew so much pointing when into planning state dinners. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciated her efforts. Conservative pundit, Erik Erickson gave the food choice a big thumbs down in a tweet where he called the dinner frou frou garbage. Seems kind of harsh. Did he not see in the video how many choices she had to point to? 

Here is the menu, Erickson took issue with. 

Erikson’s tweet had many scratching their head. 

Sarah Jones offered this tip when words are difficult. 

Okay, “young variegated lettuces” instead of “salad”, we’ll give you that one. 

Ooh… fancy gold writing. 

Kathleen had an interesting point.

You say tomato jam, we say ketchup. 

We suppose next time, Melania could spend less time making videos with all that pointing and decision making and simply send out for a bucket of KFC.

H/T: Twitter Moments