Danish Inventor Who Plotted Grisly Murder Of Journalist Finally Learns His Fate

Danish prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen, described murderer Peter Madsen as “not normal” and a “danger to society” after Madsen was given a life sentence in the brutal murder of Kim Wall, a Swedish journalist. Wall entered Madsen’s self-built submarine with the intention of writing a story about the inventor. Once Wall was trapped inside things turned grisly. Buch-Jepsen described the torture she endured as:

…so heinous and repulsive that as a prosecutor, it renders you speechless. 


The horrifying details of the case came out after Wall’s torso washed ashore days after she’d entered the submarine. Her limbs and head were found many weeks later. Madsen denied he had murdered Wall saying that she’d died accidently and he had cut her into pieces and thrown her remains out at sea. 

Denmark does not have the death penalty, so life in prison is the harshest punishment Madsen could receive. The judge presiding over the case, Anette Burkoe, described the murder as:

A cynical and planned sexual murder of a severe brutal nature against a random woman.

Madsen is appealing the verdict. 

Of course people are horrified. 

H/T: CNN, Huffington Post