How A Strange Gift From George H.W. Bush Became A Treasured Family Relic For Barbara

They say it’s the little things in life that mean the most. Well, not when you’re Barbara Bush. In her case it was a giant cow statue given by her husband former President George H. W.  Bush. As the story goes, Barbara fell in love with a painted cow installation in Houston Texas, called the Cow Parade and seeing how the painted cows made his wife happy, George set out to get her one.

Upon arriving at the warehouse that held the painted cows, George was unable to decide which his wife would like best, so he took a chance and went with a blank white version. After receiving the gift Barbara turned the white cow into an art project. The five children,  eighteen grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren have placed multi-colored handprints all over the cow. 

 According to Bonnie Steinroeder, the Bushes’ former pastor:  

That statue was Barbara’s prize possession. 

It’s home is now the Bushes’ Walker’s Point compound in Maine.  

People thought the story was sweet. 

H/T: People