Jennifer Garner Reveals The Real Reason She’s So Successful On Social Media

Move over Kardashians. Jennifer Garner is the new queen of Instagram, and it only took her seven months to take the crown. So what is the secret? Turn out the ability to not take yourself so seriously and to have a bit of fun at your own expense. 

When asked about her new Instagram fame by ET’s Kevin Frazier the actress had this to say:

Everything is so fly by the seat of my pants. I just say to my awesome buddy, partner-in-crime, assistant, social media guru, Mo, I just say, ‘You know what would be funny? I wanna do me cleaning out this bag,’ and she’ll be like, ‘Ah, ok.’ And then she does it.

It seems Garner’s good friend Mo, knows exactly how to get the desired results. Garner explained:

 She’s so good at editing, I said, ‘How do you decide, when you’re editing, what to do?’ And she said, ‘I just make fun of you. Because we’re so close that I just pick out whatever is making fun of you.’ And then we put it up.

So there you have it. A simple recipe of humor and a good friend who is willing to make fun of you. 

Case in point the following. 

It’s working. The people can’t get enough of Garner being Garner. 

We can all take a page from her book.