ANTM’s Nyle DiMarco Just Responded In The Best Way To Someone Snapping His Pic On The Subway

We can all be forgiven for staring at somebody whose attractiveness has elevated them to professional heights. Loiba Maria, a trainer and Jiu-Jistu instructor in Brooklyn, happened to share subway ride with someone who was probably a supermodel. She rather understandably indulged herself with a creepy lingering ogle as subtly as any of us could, capping off the lengthy stare with what she assumed was a sly pic with her phone. 

Loiba later told Buzzfeed simply that she was, “trying to figure out who he was”. Hey, we get it. 

Well, after a scroll through her social media that night, she figured out who it was that she was staring at: 

Yup. That’s truly ‘super’ model Nyle DiMarco, a professional attractive person declared champion on both America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With the Stars. Loiba decided to get that info confirmed (and maybe excuse her slightly objectionable subway behavior) and contacted DiMarco directly through his Facebook page. DiMarco’s response is the stuff of legend: 

DiMarco told Buzzfeed that his deafness has made him really observant and “I immediately spotted her camera towards me.” He only wished that they’d gotten a picture together before they left the subway. 

The internet collectively squee’d.

This exchange sums up the collective sentiment pretty well. 

Apparently the only subway ninja that day was DiMarco. You’re not as sneaky as you think, folks.

H/T: Indy 100