Twitter Is Photoshopping The Wings Off Of Birds For Some Reason, But We Can’t Look Away

Humans have aspired to flight for centuries—even after we somewhat achieved it. Despite our own accomplishments, we still stop to watch a particularly majestic fowl take flight. The internet, predictably, has conspired to gleefully ruin any admiration you might have had for birds as a result. It all started when Twitter user @Elvysh got to work.

And as he quickly learned, no content is above (0r, rather, below) going viral.

So popular was the content that @eIvysh was, dare we say, bitter?

But it was too late. Like an Olympic torch, Twitter took it and ran, nay, flew with it.

There’s nothing like a diabolical alliance between Photoshop and Twitter to remind us that wingless birds are even funnier than flightless birds, to the relief of penguins and emus everywhere.

H/T: Mashable