How Chelsea Clinton’s Childhood Letter To Ronald Reagan About Nazis Led To A White House Policy Change

When Chelsea Clinton was five-years-0ld she wrote a letter to then President Ronald Reagan. The experience was disappointing. Clinton stopped by The Late Late Show talk about that time in her life and how it would change policy years later.

In the letter, a young Clinton wrote:

I have seen the Sound of Music: The Nazi’s don’t look like very nice people. Please don’t go to their cemetary. Sincerely, Chelsea Clinton

She was urging the president not to follow through with his controversial visit to the Bitburg war cemetery, a place where Nazi troops were known to be buried. The letter fell on deaf ears and Clinton never received a response.

When her father Bill Clinton was elected president her parents asked if there was something she cared about. Remembering her devastation at not getting a response for her letter, Chelsea said she wanted that to never happen to another child. The result was the White House set up a special correspondence unit to ensure all letters written by children would receive a response. The unit was maintained through the Bush and Obama administration. 

Clinton doesn’t know if the tradition continues with the current Trump administration. 

Clinton certainly had some fans who appreciate her younger self. 

And proof her wishes were successful. 

We would call that a success!

H/T: Huffington Post