Let’s Give It Up For These Adorable Pets With Incredibly Human Names

Sure, Bootsie, Patches and Whiskers are cute, but there is something special about a pet named, Louis, Brian or Linda. Twitter user Amber Zoe posted her joy at discovering her neighbor’s dog is named Brian. She also asked others to share their pets who have typically human names. 

Twitter did not disappoint. 

This photo should be Ron’s Album cover of 70’s hits. 

After weeks of searching Dave finally found a Coke with his name on it. Now only if he had thumbs so he could open it. 

Ah, poor Bill. 

And from Peru, we give you Jack and Ricardo. 

And the coolest names aren’t only for dogs and cats. 

We agree, Noah is a great name. It suits him. 

We have to give some shout outs to a few of our favorites. 

H/T: Mashable