Little Girl’s Creepy Secondhand Doll Brings Back Some Disturbing Memories For Twitter

Nothing will scare the bejesus out of you more than a freaky doll, but what is a mom to do when her child wants to buy an ugly little monster? We teach children beauty is only skin deep and it’s what is on the inside that count, unfortunately for writer Amanda Mancino-Williams what might be inside the doll her daughter bought just might be pure evil. 

Mancino-Williams took to Twitter to share her dilema and get some much needed support. All we can say is, sleep with one eye open!

Seriously, what kind of devil is living in that doll?

Friends tried to give support.

But it may have been too late. 

Others tried to assure Mancino-Williams that she wasn’t alone. 

Thankfully, Mancino-Williams gave us an update that she survived the night. 

We still don’t trust it. 

And the most important question…

H/T: Twitter Moments