More And More Young People Can’t Tell Time Using Traditional Clocks, Study Reveals

The times, they are a-changin’. Schools across the UK are becoming examples of this as they discard their analogue clocks in favor of digital ones after the Times Educational Supplement reported on a conference in which attendees were told that students need digital clocks to tell time. “Young people find it a bit easier to use a digital clock,” said Malcolm Trobe, head of the Association of School and College Leaders. “And if they’re timing themselves for questions, it might make it less likely that they’ll make mistakes.” 

While the logic is well-intentioned, Twitter users widely aren’t buying it.

The change signals a further desecration of basic skills to some, and they’re wondering what will be next.

A blessed few made light of the situation and its strong reactions.

While analogue clocks are not going extinct any time soon, the report is forcing some to ask whether the digital preference is due to laziness or if we’re, in fact, just moving forward.