Halsey Calls Out Hotel Industry For Endorsing White Privilege Through Their Shampoos

When you’re an internationally acclaimed recording artist, you’re on tour a lot. Know what that means? You’re in a hotel almost every night. And Halsey did not come to play when she called out hotels across the nation for catering to white hair instead of providing shampoo that works for hair of all types and textures. 

And Halsey didn’t back down from the haters:

In case it isn’t clear by now, this is about more than just hair. Halsey is pointing out just how pervasive white privilege is, and that, especially in the case of hotel shampoos, these privileges are often imperceptible to the people who benefit from them. But for people of color they’re daily instances of exclusion. And though some people dismissed Halsey’s statements, the singer created a space for hundreds across the internet to discuss the implications of white privilege.

While it will take far more than a tweet to undo centuries of white privilege, we hope the discussions Halsey began result in expanded minds as well as expanded hearts.

H/T: Twitter