Mom’s Photo Of The Contents Of Her 4-Year-Old’s Jacket Pocket Strikes A Chord With Many

Katie Munnik, a writer and mother was preparing to do some laundry. It was time to wash the winter coats and that meant going through the pockets of her four-year-old’s pockets. What she found was a wonderful glimpse into the mind of a child. 

After discovering an array of trinkets and collectible, Munnik laid them out on a table and took a photo. She posted the picture to Twitter with the caption:

Found in the pockets of a four-year-old’s winter coat before washing.

Included in the findings were a Pokemon card, a toy snake, multiple twigs, a bottle cap and for some reason known only to her son, an old rind from a Satsuma because you never know when you may need that. 

Parents immediately understood. 

There were also suggestions for art projects. 

And a recommendation to read Timothy Dan by Irish poet John Sheridan (1903-1980). 

We think the poem sums it up nicely.

Timothy Dan
Is a very rich man
And he keeps all his wealth in his pocket:
Four buttons, a box,
The keys of two clocks,
And the chain of his grandmother Margaret’s locket;
A big piece of string
(It’s a most useful thing),
A watch without hands,
And three rubber bands,
Five glassy marbles,
Some tail-ends of chalk,
A squeaker that once
Made a golliwog talk,
A broken-down penknife
With only one blade,
And a little toy boat
That his grandfather made.

You’d never believe
(Hearing such a long list)
That there’s room in each pocket
For one little fist;
You’d never believe
That the smallest of boys
Could carry so much
In his wee corduroys. 

H/T: The Independent