The Simpsons’ Is About To Break Another Record When It Airs This Weekend

“The Simpsons” and it’s pithy observations of American culture have been a mainstay on screens across the nation for over twenty years. Despite being the longest-running American scripted primetime series ever, the show still has some milestones left to achieve. They’ll be breaking yet another record this Sunday when they reach episode 636, beating “Gunsmoke” for the highest number of episodes.

Far and wide, Twitter users began congratulating the iconic show.

However, not everyone was a fan.

But sour grapes won’t change the fact that episode 636 will air this Sunday, and Executive Producer Al Jean promises a nostalgic production with lots of Easter eggs, in homage to the show’s many fans. We can’t wait to see what records “The Simpsons” breaks next…mostly because we can’t think of any that are left.

H/T: Uproxx