Trump And Macron Digging Just Became A Meme–These Are The Best Ones

Who knew a tree sapling would be the gift that keeps on giving? Twitter did. Obviously. 

French President Emmanuel Macron brought a gift to the White House in the form of a European Sessile Oak sapling in recognition of American soldiers who fought in France, and perhaps to throw some shade at Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement.  

Dressed to the nines, (as one does when gardening), with gold shovels in hand, Donald Trump and Macron got busy shoveling dirt on the tree while their wives, Brigitte and Melania posed in the background. It was all very glamorous and chic so how could it not become a meme? 

We now present you with the best of TreeGate 2018.

The image felt like a Netflix promo. 

Or perhaps the reunion of middle-aged band members. 

Were the gold shovels and fancy dress really necessary? 

Some were waiting for Melania to make her big push toward freedom. 

And there was this, whatever this is.

There were definitely some concerns for the tree. 

James Comey may want to sleep with one eye open.

And then there was this. 

H/T: Buzzfeed