Fitness Model Shares Pictures After Gaining Weight And Becoming ‘Softer’–And People Are Thanking Her

We’re used to seeing before and after photos that show someone who might be a bit soft, and then shredded, or at least tight and toned.

But one fitness influencer named Beck Jackson is changing the game. She took to social media last week to share a completely different, realistic, and relatable set of before and after photos.

These begin with her being toned, with abs and muscle definition, to a softer stomach and a bit of weight gain:

The 23-year-old shares a lot more than her favorite workout routines and clean eating ideas. She isn’t one to give up meaningful things like going on a vacation and eating great food for the sake of being in shape, which is ultra-refreshing in this day and age. 

“Your body will fluctuate so much throughout adulthood and it really shouldn’t take over your life…Yes I’m less toned than I was 4 months ago, no I don’t think I’m unhealthy, no I’m not unhappy,” Jackson explained, “I’ve had fun, I’ve been on holidays, I’ve been eating amazing food, I haven’t been beating myself up when I don’t get to the gym because I’m too busy living my life, I’ve been really really HAPPY!” ⠀⠀

She also talks a lot about learning to love your body no matter what, helping those who struggled with self-confidence like she once did.

“I was never confident within myself and that meant that regardless of how much I weighed or what I looked like, or how defined my ab muscles were, I would never be happy with myself…your body doesn’t define who you are as a person, your weight shouldn’t control your life.” she said. 

Jackson also advises to indulge in the simple pleasures once in a while – all while balancing a healthy lifestyle and exercising, of course.

People are thanking her for being real and relatable, and leaving such inspiring messages:

Keep on inspiring others – and eating ice cream like the rest of us, Beck!

H / T – Insider