Surgeons Amputate Little Girl’s Leg And Put It On Backward, But That’s Actually A Good Thing

 Seven-year-old Amelia Eldred has dreams of being a dancer. A diagnosis of bone cancer in her left femur nearly dashed those dreams but surgeons performed an operation called rotationplasty that will allow Amelia to use her ankle as a knee joint. 

After enduring five rounds of chemotherapy, Amelia’s doctors amputated her leg, cutting out the portion with the tumor, then reattached the lower part with her ankle backwards. By moving her ankle in the opposite direction, Amelia is able to effectively use the ankle as a knee. 

To get a better idea of how Amelia’s ankle/knee will work watch this video from the Mayo Clinic. 

Amelia’s mother Michelle Eldred spoke about how her daughter was managing since the surgery, saying:

Amelia has now started another cycle of chemo and has one more cycle to go, plus day clinic treatment till the end of the year.

Following her surgery she is healing very well and amazing the doctors with how quickly she is moving the adapted leg and foot.

Michelle added: 

Amelia has always been an active child, she attended various clubs: swimming, athletics at school, street dancing, ballet and tap, acrobatics and gymnastics. In addition she loves riding her bike and running! She dreams one day to return to dancing and perform on a stage. She was looking to join a new gymnastics club in Tamworth, before her diagnosis. 

A crowdfund has begun to help with the costs of fitting Amelia with a prosthetic when the time comes. Her doctors think she will be ready in about three months. 

Michelle says that Amelia is excited to get back to the activities she loves so much and even has her eye on the future. 

I do believe that Amelia will aspire to her dreams. She is very determined and everyone that knows her and has met her at both the Orthopaedic and Birmingham Children’s Hospital are amazed by her courage and positivity through her journey so far. She talks of how her new leg will enable her to travel the world one day and maybe even enter the Paralympics.

There was an outpouring of love on Twitter. Even a shout out from British Paralympic swimmer and four time world champion, Tully Kearney.

We hope to see Amelia up and dancing soon. 

H/T: Birmingham Live, NDTV