Girl Stuns Her Prom Date By Walking For First Time In 10 Months—And Now We’re Ugly Crying

Utah teen, Morgan, has been struggling with her health for a long time. According to her writings, she has a preliminary diagnosis of Conversion Disorder. That’s a condition where a person’s mind can cause their nervous system to begin to fail. That can cause things like numbness, blindness, twitching fits or paralysis. 

Doctors aren’t entirely sure what’s causing it, but Morgan hasn’t been able to walk unassisted in almost a year.  She was determined to change that for one special moment. She surprised her prom date by walking! Her few shaky steps clearly meant the world to them because this adorable video has the internet in tears.

We’re not crying, you’re crying!

OK we’re crying, but so was Twitter.

People are loving her date’s reaction. 

The pair had an adorable photo shoot before heading out for the night.

Morgan even won Prom Queen! 

Congrats on such a magical prom night, and thank you for sharing it with the world, Morgan! 

H/T: Twitter