Restaurant Denies Black Man’s Coupon, Only To Accept Same Coupon From His White Friend

With Starbucks as a recent example, black consumers and patrons are often seen as less-than by establishment managers and employees, resulting in poorer service and disregard for customer experience. A Pizza Inn location in Durham, North Carolina is now facing similar allegations when after refusing to accept Link Alexander’s coupon, yet accepted the same coupon from his white roommate a few hours later.

Twitter has since been calling Pizza Inn right back out.

Other users began describing their encounters with similar discrimination.

Despite the bad press, Pizza Inn is not apologizing but instead chalking the instance up to poor contact between managers.  “We try to make our procedures clear on coupons,” said owner Steve Stancil, “but it does not always work. I take full responsibility in that all our managers should be on the same page and obviously they were not.” Maybe Pizza Inn should take a page from Starbucks’ book and have a day of training. Y’know. To fix their…communication skills.

H/T: Raw Story