Rodent-Borne Virus Kills Young Mom After Doctors Assumed She Had The Flu

In Aztec, New Mexico, a rare rodent-borne illness called the Hantavirus, killed a 27 year old mom. Kiley Lane had been misdiagnosed with the flu. She first went for medical treatment at the San Juan Regional Medical Center on January 13th and was released the same day.

The symptoms of the Hantavirus are extremely similar to the flu; muscle aches, chills, fever, fatigue, etc. When Lane had sought treatment, two strong influenza strains were extremely prevalent. However, Lane’s symptoms persisted and worsened, and a few days later she found herself back in the hospital, but was once again released a few days later.

On February 3rd, she was checked back into the hospital, and finally tested for the Hantavirus and received an official diagnosis on February 5th. She was then transferred to a hospital in Albuquerque, because they had more expertise in the area of this disease, where she was tested again, and once again came back positive. 

Her mother said back in February…

“A month ago she was going to go to Costa Rica with a bunch of girlfriends … now she can’t even go do anything on her own.”

Hantavirus is rare. According to the CDC

“National surveillance for hantavirus infections in the United States began in 1993 during an outbreak of severe respiratory illness in the Four Corners region, and Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS) became nationally notifiable in 1995.”

They go on…

“As of January 2017, a total of 728 cases of Hantavirus Infection have been reported in the United States.”

And of those cases, only about a third have resulted in death. The family has set up a YouCaring page to help with the medical expenses incurred by trying to save their loved one’s life.

Kylie’s mother, Julie Barron, posted additional details on Facebook…

Some had their own encounters with the virus…

But mostly, people expressed their condolences…

Our condolences to Kiley Lane’s family and loved ones.

H/T: Facebook, USA Today