That Infamous Pete Wentz/Bruno Mars Viral Photo Just Celebrated 10 Years Of Internet Bliss

There are some markers of time that no one can forget. For some it was, “Where were you when Kennedy was shot.” For others the question was, “Where were you when The Towers fell, but for many the stand out marker of time is, “Where were you when Bruno Mars saw Pete Wentz strolling by?”

The photo was famously captured outside a Los Angeles restaurant with paparazzi swarming to get a picture of Wentz, while ignoring Mars who would go on to become one of the worlds biggest musical stars. At the time, Wentz was still married to Ashlee Simpson and a favorite of the paparazzi. How the tides turn. 

It’s been ten years since the photo emerged of Mars’ excited expression as he notices Wentz strolling passed. Yes, really. Ten years! 

The real question of a successful relationship, “Would he still look at him this way, ten years later?”

And time keeps marching on. 

Turns out for ten years, we’ve all had the story wrong. 

Mars set the story straight last year. Hear him retell what really happened. 

Even though the truth isn’t quite as entertaining, we still love celebrating the day. And seriously, ten years? Where does the time go?

Time does have a way of flipping things on its head.

See you all in ten years!

H/T: Twitter Moments