Why Weight Watchers Considers These Unexpected Foods To Be Zero Points

Diets are infamous for the amount of sacrifice and level of discipline many of them require. Weight Watchers is out to prove that a common sense diet doesn’t mandate starvation or even self-deprivation. Weight Watchers even released a list of 200 “zero-point” foods  which, as the name implies, count as zero points toward a dieter’s daily intake limit and therefore can technically be consumed in abundance. 

Weight Watchers has good reasons labeling even foods like eggs (yolks included), chicken, and fish as zero points. “These foods form the basis of a healthy eating pattern,” said Weight Watchers’ chief scientific officer Gary Foster. “Very few people come to Weight Watchers because they’ve had a problem overdoing it on salmon, legumes, beans, and chicken.”

First of all, Twitter users seem very excited about the eggs.

But all around, many were even more excited to see health-minded (rather than slim-minded) dieting becoming so ubiquitous.

Others were reaping the benefits of the “unlimited” implication.

Kudos to Weight Watchers for not guilting its users and encouraging healthier intake. The egg industry salutes you as well.

H/T: Business Insider