Someone Attacked An Ambulance While A Patient Was Receiving Treatment Inside

Medics in Telford, England were called out to assist a patient with an emergency. As a part of their effort, they moved the patient into the back of the ambulance. That’s when things went unexpectedly sideways. As they were treating and stabilizing the patient, a man began attacking the ambulance vehicle. 

The medics called police and were able to escape, but the ambulance had to be taken off the road for repairs. That’s when Twitter got word of what happened. 

One of the medics involved mentioned it as well. 

And as the news spread, people got more and more angry about the unprovoked attack. 

Interestingly, other people are questioning the decision to pull the vehicle from service.

Either way, it probably won’t be long before authorities get somewhere on this.

We want to hear your thoughts on the issue. Was this a “senseless attack” as reported, or just some literal mud flinging?

H/T: Twitter