Tracy Morgan Tells Conan He Was A ‘Crack Dealer With A Heart Of Gold’

Hey, if you are going to sell drugs, the least you can do is warn people they will kill you.

Comedian and actor Tracy Morgan appeared on Conan Monday night and opened up about his days as a drug dealer. Morgan, who stars in the new TBS show The Original O.G., said he did his best to steer people away from the product he was selling. 

I sold crack, yeah, but I was a crack dealer with a heart of gold. I would sell them crack and then feel sorry for them.

In his new show, Morgan plays a drug dealer who is finally released out of prison after 15 years. The show is said to be loosely based on Morgan’s life. This will be Morgan’s first show after an accident nearly cost him his life in 2014. The Original O.G. also stars Cedric the Entertainer, Allen Maldonado and current Hollywood it-girl Tiffany Haddish. 

You can watch the clip with Conan O’Brien below. 

Morgan certainly hasn’t lost his ability to make his fans laugh. 

He keeps us laughing. 

H/T:  Huffington Post