Sweden Just Revealed A Startling 300-Year-Old Secret About Its Meatballs

While the United States struggles to get its current administration to tell the truth about anything, Sweden seems to be spilling the beans about everything. Even the stuff no one was questioning , like the origins of Swedish meatballs. 

Guess what? Those delicious like balls of meat aren’t Swedish at all. and the official Twitter account for the nation set the record straight giving credit where credit is due, to Turkey. Yep, turns out Swedish meatballs are actually Turkish. 

When Sweden says no to “Fake News” they really mean it. So we say, “Thanks, Turkey, for giving us a reason to go to IKEA.”

A few posters were grateful for the revelation. 

Not only was the origins of the meatball brought to light, but we also discovered that whoever runs Sweden’s official Twitter site is pretty dang funny. 

Sharing is caring, Sweden! And we appreciate you.

Translation: There are 19 thousand varieties of food in Turkish cuisine.

And just like that, Turkey gets its credit, Sweden unburdens itself, and the rest of us get a little more knowledge. Twitter really is amazing!

H/T: Huffington Post