It Turns Out The Infinity Stones Were Hiding Out In The ’90s All Along πŸ˜‚

Twitter loves nothing more than a perfect crossover mashup of pop culture. Well, this week the gods delivered when comic writer Ben Rosen stumbled upon the perfect mix of nostalgic ’90 television and the modern Marvel Comics movie franchise. 

It turns out we’ve been looking for Infinity Stones in all the wrong places.

In case you didn’t catch it. Here is a closer look. 

Yes, right there in the opening of the beloved ’90s sitcom Friends sits the power to form a giant gem and extinguish every star in the universe. But that’s not all! Comedian Arthur Chu took it to a whole new level.

Maybe those rascally 20-something New Yorkers were the embodiment of the stones all along.

The memes and gifs started flying faster than a shooting star.

You know someone had to do it.

Anyone remember this guy? Now it all makes sense.

Maybe this explains the obsession with wearing turkeys on their heads?

We may never know the truth, but Twitter is full of theories. 

H/T: Twitter