Shopper Buying Cereal Comes Home To A Morbid Surprise

Companies change packaging all the time, for holiday, the Olympics, Breast Cancer Awareness month, or corporate anniversaries. So it was no surprise to Naomi Frierson when she entered a local Walmart and found a box of LIFE cereal that looked a little different.

It wasn’t until Frierson got home she realized just how different the box of cereal was. Turns out a senior art student, at the University of South Florida, Lauren Miller, had changed the box into an art project displaying serial killers. Using Photoshop, Miller covered the box with mug shots of well-known serial killers, adding a special place for Jeffrey Dahmer as Larry, the Quaker Oats mascot. 

Miller didn’t let her imagination stop there. She also altered the ingredients to read things like, made with whole brains instead of grains and on the nutritional information Frierson found chloroform, and cyanide. At first Frierson says she was creeped out by the box, but her husband thought it was fantastic. 

We proceed to look at it further and realize that not only are there mugshots but they’re serial killers. Not the C-E-R-E-A-L kind unfortunately. He [her husband] immediately recognized all of the different players in the game and he thought it was just the coolest thing ever and assured me that it must be art. 

Frierson posted the box to her Facebook page and received a variety of responses, from people being horrified to other wanting to know where they can buy a box of their own, but the biggest question on everyone’s mind was how did Frierson check the box out with the cashier and pay for it. 

H/T: ABC 10 News