Teen Rocks A Short-Sleeved Suit For Prom—And People Can’t Decide If It’s Fashion Or Flop

Puffy sleeves, and ill-fitting tuxedos are a thing of the past. The new crop of teenagers going to prom are upping their game with new and creative formal wear.

One such student, Donyell Meredith II from Indianapolis, wasn’t content to simply blend in with the prom crowd. He wanted to make a big statement and he did. We’re just not entirely certain what he’s trying to say.

In a series of photos posted to Twitter, Meredith shows his unique take on the modern suit. With tailored short sleeves, a cropped pant, and shoes without socks, one thing is for sure:

Meredith stood out from the rest:

Reactions were mixed but that’s always the case when you do something new.

The suit confused a few people.

What did work for everyone was the young man’s willingness to be himself. 

H/T: Twitter Moments