Do You Collect Tiny Shampoos From Hotels? Not For Long.

You know all those tiny sample size shampoos you have in your bathroom that you’ve collected from hotels but will probably never use? 

Well, hang on to them because the days of taking hotel shampoos is coming to an end. 

Marriott International, which has over 6,500 hotels in 127 countries, has announced they will be doing away with the tiny travel size containers of shampoo and conditioner. Instead, the company will be replacing them with larger economy sized dispensers attached to the shower wall.

Although the company admits it will save a relatively small amount of money ($2,000 per hotel a year,) the main motivator is the environment. It is reported that billions of small plastic bottles get thrown away every year. Many of them only half used. 

So, it’s a sound decision, even if we don’t like it. 

Folks had a wide range of feels over this one. 

Going right to the top:

But some people were getting on board with this idea. 

Not only is it better for the environment, but you can use more than tiny palm full. 

There were a few who worried about the hygiene side of things.

When we think of all that wasted plastic we sure hope people support this move. 

H/T: NBC 5, Wall Street Journal