Chelsea Clinton Just Wandered Into A Twitter Feud Between Demi Lovato And Her Best Friend

Anyone who has been on social media for some time has no doubt stumbled into a conversation without clearly knowing the context. This is even trickier when someone is vague-posting. That’s what happened this week when singer Demi Lovato posted a series of cryptic tweets that people guessed were intended for her longtime friend, Marissa Callahan.

No one could be sure the tweets were meant for Callahan because that’s the beauty of vague-posting. And this is where things got confusing for Chelsea Clinton, who took the message at face value and offered support.

Clinton tweeted:

Twitter users loved it.  

But some people thought Clinton was confused, which confused them, which is the whole point of vague-posting, right?

Others may have been confused, but Clinton knew exactly what she meant. 

We are calling this a win for Clinton and her positive attitude!

H/T: Insider