Fake 23andMe Results Are A New Meme And They Are Hilariously Honest

While DNA testing services like 23andMe are sure to be in the news a lot more (due to consumer privacy concerns at an all-time high and the mining of DNA databases by law enforcement to catch cold-case criminals like the Golden State Killer) folks online took things to a decidedly less serious place this week.

The 23andMemes making the rounds online all feature a humorous take on the percentage breakdown that 23andMe customers receive from the service.

Here’s a sampling of the fun:

Singer Meredith Brooks might be interested to know that she and Peter Kelly share the EXACT same DNA:

Steve Miller Band seemed to know The Joker‘s DNA profile way back in 1973:

Fort Minor also had some interesting results:

Funny or Die got in on the action and found that Skee-lo’s results were a bit, well, disappointing: 

But it wasn’t just famous musicians who had 23andMeme-able DNA profiles:

Robert Downey, Jr.—or rather Tony Stark (a.k.a. Ironman) better watch out:

H/T: Twitter, Mashable