John Kelly Says Women Are ‘More Emotional’–Panel Of Women Tears Him Down

This week, journalists, Carol E. Lee, Courtney Kube, Kristen Welker and Stephanie Ruhle filed a story with NBC News claiming John Kelly thinks Donald Trump is an idiot, feels he is the last bastion of hope against catastrophe from a president who has little grasp of policy or government, and (if that’s not enough), women are “more emotional” than men. 

 Kelly is so concerned with the delicate sensibilities of women that he is known for scolding those who dare to swear with a lady is present. Instead of the women of the White House admiring the unasked for protection, it is reported he is loathed. 

 Lee and Ruhle joined MSNBC political correspondent, Kasie Hunt, to unpack and break down Kelly’s concept of emotional women. Lee was quick to chime in that the White House Chief of Staff  has “antiquated views about women, saying:

His views on women really shocked some people. Just the things that would come out of his mouth.

With Ruhle adding:

What he thinks is Rob Porter’s ex-wives really need to move on, and he looks forward to the moment where he can restore Rob Porter’s honor. That he thinks is A-OK, but don’t you be using any swear words in front of the girls.

Watch the clip below. 

When it comes being emotional, people were wondering if Kelly had met Trump. 

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