People Are In Disagreement Over The True Meaning Of ‘IMHO’

Some days are slower than others and when that happens, the folks over at BuzzFeed dig deep and find a way to stir up some controversy. This time it started as a small disagreement between staffers over the true meaning behind the acronym IMHO, then turned into a full-blown interoffice Slack survey that included 743 employees.

That wasn’t the end of things. The argument continued until BuzzFeed employees decided to take it to readers, asking them to weigh in with their votes.

Before long, the internet was embroiled in a debate about the meaning of the “h” in IMHO.

And things got pretty intense…

Then somebody dropped some knowledge:

Tracy may have solved the mystery of why people are split on this definition in the first place:

But the definitive answer came from a place where definitions reign supreme—the dictionary:

H/T: Buzzfeed, Twitter